TOWING: Weight Distribution Systems and Hitches

By September 18, 2019News

Weight distribution is a huge consideration for safe caravanning. Not all caravans require a weight-distribution hitch, but many do. A weight distribution hitch provides a coupled link between the caravan and the towing vehicle and shares the load between the two, maximising safe towability. Often used for longer or heavier caravans, it ensures the weight of both vehicles is evenly distributed so that the wheels of both have maximum contact with and traction on the road surface.

Weight Distribution Systems may also be referred to as:

  • Load Levellers
  • Sway Bars
  • Anti-Sway Bars

The purpose of a weight-distribution hitch or system is to transfer weight to prevent the back of your tow vehicle drooping and the front of it lifting, as well as to maintain the level of your caravan. The system will reduce sway in your vehicle and van as you travel as well, which is crucial to your towing safety while on the road.

When you purchase your caravan, you also need to consider the right towing and weight distribution system for your van and your tow vehicle.

Weight Distribution Systems

At Caravan World, we offer a range of weight distribution systems:

  • Hayman Reece:
    • single or double bars for smaller caravans which have a ball weight lower than 135kg
    • Standard or Classic for larger vans with ball weights between 135-375kg
  • Pro-Series – is a Hayman Reece product and is usable on different styles of couplings.

It’s important to note that there are limitations to weight distribution systems. They should only be used for on-road caravanning, and should be removed when off the bitumen then refitted at a latter point.  At Caravan World, we rarely fit them onto vehicles that have been air-bag-modified. Some vehicle manufacturers advise against the fitting of a weight distribution system.

Your weight distribution system should never be used to compensate for caravans that are poorly laden – weight distribution within the van’s contents is important too.

Why Choose Caravan World for Safe Caravanning?

Here at Caravan World, we have the insight and expertise to make sure you have everything you need to be safe on the road. Ensuring our customers are well set up and suited to a particular van is our priority, and this starts with our sales staff guiding you through what is available for your tow vehicle.

The assessment of your requirements for weight distribution should occur at the time of sale and then again during the handover/hitch up process. What you require will vary based on the type and size of van you purchase as well as the particulars of your towing vehicle. Any upgrades to your van or vehicle will also be taken into consideration.

Caravan World is renowned throughout southeast Queensland for our unparalleled and detailed handover process. Once we have established the basis of what you need based on your van and tow vehicle, we help with the right equipment at handover. Our Handover Specialist works to ensure that you are hooked up properly and we will suggest anything that is required for the van and tow vehicle at the time of pick up so you are all set for a safe journey.

You probably have many questions about weight distribution systems – and we are here to answer them.

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