The Do’s and Dont’s Of Towing

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Towing a Caravan - Caravan World

Travelling with a caravan, camper trailer, or motor home in Australia is a way of life for many families, young couples, and seniors, and there’s nothing quite like it. You can go where you want with your home-away-from-home, enjoying the convenience of having what you need wherever you are, even when you’re off the beaten track. But there are certain things to consider, and one of these is towing.


Take a Towing Course – it can make things much clearer, and it’s a great idea for both members of the travelling couple to know the basics, in case of an emergency situation. Towing courses can guide you on the basics of reversing, hitching, safety, maintenance, and pre- and post-trip inspections. There are towing courses available locally – ask us at Caravan World to learn more.

Refer to your State-issued Road Code or Road User’s Handbook. This will advise you of the rules in the state you’re planning to visit on your travels. It is your responsibility to be apprised of the current regulations and standards so that you are compliant with the rules of the state in which you are driving.

Use your Mirrors – even with rear-cameras, you need to use your mirrors – concave spotter mirrors can be very helpful.

Practice! You need to practice hitching and unhitching your towed vehicle or trailer. You also need to practice reversing and backing your vehicle. Practice in a deserted shopping centre car park after hours.


Exceed the weight limit for your caravan, camper trailer or motor home. Your owner handbook will state the maximum weight limit for your vehicle – if you can’t clearly find this, get in touch with us or the manufacturer for advice. You need to match your vehicle with the weight you’ll be towing (including your load) and make sure your weight distribution is even.

Buy low-quality or non-genuine tow bars or hitches. Choose an authentic dealer like Caravan World.

Tow a caravan without electric brakes – for all caravans, electric brakes are a legal requirement for the towing vehicle. See us if you are unsure about whether your vehicle is compliant; we can arrange them for you.

Worry! Practice makes perfect and if you’re well-prepared, you’ll be fine. You’ll become more comfortable with towing in no time.

Additionally, you’ll need to:

  • Check your brakes before leaving home or the Park
  • Check your speed
  • Check equipment prior to towing including tow bars and wiring
  • Drive to the road conditions
  • Check that the safety chain is attached
  • Allow Longer distances for overtaking, merging, and braking
  • Avoid sudden direction or lane changes
  • Look further ahead than you do when not towing so as to anticipate traffic changes
  • Travel downhill in a lower gear
  • Take corners more widely than normal – vans have a tendency to cut-in on curves and corners

Why Choose Caravan World?

Caravan World is a 43 year running company and is amongst Queensland’s oldest established Caravan Dealerships in Australia. We are very proud to offer a diverse range of new and used RV’s to suit your budget and travelling style, and we pride ourselves on unparalleled service and advice. We are known for our extensive handover process, which covers everything from hitching to setting up your van on site. This means that you can enjoy travelling with your caravan or motor home with confidence, even if you’re towing an extra load!

Our experienced sales staff can assist you with what tow weights apply for various vehicle models and types. We can help you with brakes and hitching here at our premises, and we can organise everything for you from Electric Brakes (including Hayman Reece and Red Arc) as well as Anderson Plugs, plug changes, and Fridge Wires.

We give all of our customers a copy of The National Recreational Vehicle Towing Guide – this is a valuable reference tool and it has all relevant information.

Explore Australia and open up your world on the wide open road with Caravan World, where you’ll find the best range of Caravans at great prices. Come and visit our yard at 7071 Bruce Highway, Chevallum, QLD (Take Exit 200 Northbound lane) to view our current stock, or give us a call today on (07) 5445 2215. We look forward to welcoming you and getting you on the road soon!

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