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Only a decade ago, the idea of a reversing camera in your vehicle was the stuff of fantasy. But today, reversing cameras in cars are standard in many new vehicles, and available as optional extras in many others. The trend for installing reversing caravan cameras is taking off now too.

Caravan Cameras

Aftermarket reversing cameras are a great investment for your caravan. More effective than simply using towing mirrors, they help to eliminate blind spots for safer vehicle reversing and manoeuvring. They can also help identify and alert you to obstacles in your path. Caravan cameras are not currently standard on caravans when they are sold, so fitting an aftermarket caravan reversing camera is usually the best option.

Additionally, caravan cameras enhance the driver’s viewpoint while driving in heavy traffic and when changing lanes. It means a higher level of safety for everyone on the road.

A caravan camera may be wired or wireless. It is mounted on the rear of the caravan, while the receiver in the car is placed so the driver can see the view captured by the camera.

Installation of a caravan camera can be complicated and it requires a lot of work. As such, you want to choose the right one for your vehicle, your van, and your needs from the outset.

What are some of the features of the best caravan cameras?

  • All-in-one kit: camera, dash-/windscreen-mounted LCD monitor, cabling, connectors, mounting equipment, and instruction manual.
  • Option between square or round unit. Round units may be more aesthetically-pleasing, whereas square units may offer better lighting results.
  • Durability – it must be dust-proof and waterproof. This also needs to incorporate the cable connectors and the mounting point.
  • Dust cap for when the caravan is unhitched.
  • Sun shield for good vision in daylight
  • Good night vision
  • Ability to simulate a rear-view mirror
  • CCD (Charged coupled device) provides a better image
  • Easily removable for safe storage and security
  • The camera has ample cabling
  • Forward-motion capability to monitor traffic while you are driving (e.g. merging traffic)
  • Audio facility
  • Automatic towing-system integration

Chipatronic Caravan Cameras at Caravan World

Caravan World is a proud supplier and specialist distributor of Chipatronic Vehicle Cameras. Cameras for use in cars and on caravans are widely used to enhance the driver’s vision by providing a view of areas obscured from normal view.

Some of these cameras are installed in cars for reversing, while others like caravan cameras are installed on the caravan to provide a view otherwise not available to the driver. Chipatronic cameras are designed to suit most applications, and there are no better caravan cameras on the market.

It is highly recommended that you don’t attempt to install an in-car reversing camera or a caravan camera yourself; instead, allow the experts at Caravan World to properly handle this so your camera is installed optimally and your vehicle’s electrical system is not compromised.

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