Lyall and Trish Booth Review the 2021 Goodlife RV Tourer

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Words and images by Lyall and Trish Booth When I first set eyes on this new, fashionably shaped and coloured Goodlife RV Tourer caravan, I noticed the leaf spring suspension…

Caravan Holiday Checklist for Before you Leave

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Summer is here! After a most challenging year, the Festive Season is upon us – this means celebrating Christmas and New Year, spending quality time with the people we love,…

How Do You Free Camp in Australia?

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Australia is world-renowned for its stunning landscapes, sheer size, and relatively small population. This translates to plenty of wide-open spaces to get away from it all (and from other people).…

RV Gard – Protection for your Van’s Exterior

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Your caravan or camper is a significant investment, and you’ll want to look after it. This includes making sure it not only performs optimally but that it looks its very…
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Extended Warranty: Why You Should Get One on Your Caravan

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There’s a lot to think about in the excitement of purchasing a new caravan – the accessories you need, fitting it out, and your first vacation destination. But one of…

Tour in Your Own Backyard

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Do you need a holiday? After what seems to have been an eternity, travel restrictions are finally beginning to lift across Queensland. With our borders yet to be opened into…

Internal Storage Ideas for your Van

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It would be an understatement to suggest that autumn 2020 is not looking remotely like any of us could have predicted. Those much-anticipated trips away in your caravan have been…
Choosing the right car for towing your caravan

Choosing the Right Car for Towing a Van

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Are you planning to start exploring everything Australia has to offer with a new caravan? Do you have the right vehicle for the job? A lot of people don’t initially…

COVID-19 Update

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What Electrics do I Need to Tow a Van?

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If you’ve only ever towed a box trailer, you might not realise that anything heavier than this requires you to have electric brakes. In fact, having an electric brake controller…

Sunshine Coast Caravan + RV Hub Extravaganza Expo

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19th to the 22nd March, 2020. Green RV Yard Forest Glen and Caravan World Yard Chevallum. We are combining forces with Green RV to bring you a huge RV Expo.  We will…

Grey Water Tanks – Are they Necessary?

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Have you considered grey water disposal? Do you have a grey water tank? Is a grey water tank necessary? Greywater tanks are an optional addition to most caravans and campers.…

What are the Best Camping/Caravanning Apps on the Market?

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Summer is here in Australia and it’s prime time to get out for a holiday. Taking a break in summer, and going camping or caravanning, is the epitome of the…

We’re Accredited!

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Retail Dealership Accreditation Program (RDAP) RDAP is an industry specific scheme for the caravanning and camping industry, and designed to improve business standards within the industry by Caravan and Motorhome Dealerships. To…

First Aid Kits and Repellents for Camping and Caravanning

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One critical thing to pack for every single camping and caravanning trip is a complete first aid kit. Accidents happen. From minor grazes to burns and major accidents, the unexpected…

Tips for storing your van – Until your next trip!

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Just as making sure your caravan is in top condition before and during your road trips, you also need to ensure that you keep it safe and in good condition…

TOWING: Weight Distribution Systems and Hitches

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Weight distribution is a huge consideration for safe caravanning. Not all caravans require a weight-distribution hitch, but many do. A weight distribution hitch provides a coupled link between the caravan…
Driving with a Caravan in the Wet Season

RV’s and The Wet Season

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Exploring the northern part of our extensive country during the ‘wet’ season can be a worthwhile experience. Places like Kakadu and Katherine Gorge are at their best and greenery is…
Consign It


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Here at Caravan World, we are delighted to work in collaboration with Consign-It. Consign-It is a business that buys and sells caravans on behalf of customers. Selling a caravan can…
Credit One RV Finance

Top 5 Tips On Finance

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If you have been thinking about purchasing and financing a Caravan or camper trailer you will find that there is a myriad of different financing options out there, from bank…
Trackvan® XT 19 - Caravan World

The new and exciting Trackvan® XT by Eden Caravans

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Queenslanders love hitting the road to explore our beautiful country, and the latest caravan technology is revolutionising how we travel with caravans and motor homes both on and off-road. And…
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Caravan World @ Moreton Bay Show!

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WE ARE EXHIBITING at the 2019 Moreton Bay Caravan, Camping, Boating and 4x4 Expo and would like to invite you to visit us on our stand to see our latest…
Towing a Caravan - Caravan World

The Do’s and Dont’s Of Towing

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Travelling with a caravan, camper trailer, or motor home in Australia is a way of life for many families, young couples, and seniors, and there’s nothing quite like it. You…
Caravan Cameras - Caravan World

The Best Caravan Cameras For Your Van And Your Car

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Only a decade ago, the idea of a reversing camera in your vehicle was the stuff of fantasy. But today, reversing cameras in cars are standard in many new vehicles,…
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Hitting The Road: Caravan Essentials Before You Go

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Are you looking for some timely road trip tips for the summer holidays? Caravanning is incredibly popular in Australia, and there are more than half a million of them registered…
Holiday Getaways - Caravan World

Holiday Getaways

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Christmas is coming up very quickly and this means it’s the season for holidays, from school holiday getaways to time away to visit family and enjoy the summer sun. Among…