Hitting The Road: Caravan Essentials Before You Go

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Are you looking for some timely road trip tips for the summer holidays?

Caravanning is incredibly popular in Australia, and there are more than half a million of them registered within Australia. A caravan is a perfect home away from home, whether you’re exploring our wide brown land or simply heading up or down the coast an hour or two for a beach getaway. With self-contained accommodation and you can tow and then leave secured for day trips, a caravan offers you freedom as well as the delights to be found when you discover new places.

Every different type of holiday you embark on needs some planning, and the planning required when towing a caravan differs from and is expanded compared with other trips. There are technicalities to be aware of and to master, and things you must prepare a day or two before you leave.

So without further ado, here are some essential road trip tips for going on holidays with a caravan…

There are some things you need to do well in advance:

  • Know Your Weight: Is your car/caravan combination legal and within regulations? Not all vehicles can tow a caravan safely or effectively. You need to be apprised of factors including tare weight (weight of the empty caravan) and payload (van’s maximum cargo capacity). There are factors to consider including tow ball load, the towing capacity of your vehicle, and more.
  • Service your Vehicle: is your vehicle servicing up to date? This is crucial for a safe and drama-free trip.

What to do 24-48 Hours before a Road Trip

  • A Checklist is your Best Friend: there’s a lot on your mind when you are packing for and preparing for any holiday. This is more complicated when you are taking a caravan. Make a comprehensive checklist – and use it! Everything from shopping lists to packing lists and vehicle and van checks should be on your list – as well as arrangements for pets etc.
  • Hitch your Caravan and Check It: safety and security are key – for your van and for your towing vehicle. Is the towing aid fitted and secure? Are all the lights working properly? Are the jockey wheel and the wheel chocks removed/secured? Are all your tyres inflated optimally? Have you performed safety checks prior to towing?\Prepare for Pest Control: check the entire van set up for spider webs and eggs, ant or insect infestations, and evidence of possums, reptiles, and other critters. Pack Aerogard, Ant Rid, and Bug/Spider spray.
  • Clean the Fridge: remove mould, mildew, and give it a good clean so it’s fresh. Use a couple of frozen ice bricks until it cools down to optimal temperature while you’re travelling. Make sure fridge doors remain closed during travel and strap the door if necessary. Ensure in the 24-48 hours before the fridge must be turned on as it takes 24 hours to get cold enough to use.
  • Accommodate Fresh Water: flush your water tank and refill it with fresh water. Use water purifying tablets or a filter. Carry four litres of drinking water at a minimum.
  • Check Storage Items: remove any out of date items and check cupboards, doors, tables, chairs, awnings, etc. Pack WD-40!
  • Have a Set-Up Routine and Remember – Teamwork is Key! This is where practice makes perfect. Set up and pack up your van at home a few times before you are doing it for real. Practice parking the van. Every time you pack up, do it properly and turn off the gas and remove waste.
  • Be Prepared: you can’t drive as fast when you are towing a caravan. Plan to leave early, be prepared to take your time, know the expected weather conditions on the road ahead, and adjust your driving. Be courteous to other road users!

If you need advice, ask the experts! Caravan World’s friendly team of experts will be delighted to answer your questions and to provide guidance and advice with road trip tips before you travel.

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