Driving with a Caravan in the Wet Season

RV’s and The Wet Season

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Exploring the northern part of our extensive country during the ‘wet’ season can be a worthwhile experience. Places like Kakadu and Katherine Gorge are at their best and greenery is abound. However, there can also be drawbacks as rain usually falls daily and roads or tourist spots can be inaccessible. Camping spots can be closed and humidity uncomfortably high.

Whenever conditions are wet, the chances of something going wrong increase. Driving conditions need to be suitably modified and drivers must be vigilant at all times. But with the right preparation can also come rewards. For example, rainy conditions bring out flora that cannot be seen during the drier times. Don’t be put off by the wet conditions but consider carefully if other times of the year may be more suitable.

While Australia is generally considered to be a ‘dry’ country, there can be many occasions when intrepid caravanners may encounter wet conditions. These can consist of the ‘wet’ season in the northern regions of the country, rainy wintery conditions or flooded roads.

In a broad sense, any of these should be avoided if possible. Wet conditions certainly increase the likelihood of an accident or damage to equipment. Driving, or more importantly towing, when it is raining or the roads are covered with water requires a lot of care. Road surfaces can be slippery and visibility reduced. When water floods the road, the underlying surface can be badly damaged.

There is also the possibility of aquaplaning . This is a condition where the tyres are actually raised off the road surface by a layer of water. The result is complete loss of directional control or braking. Even when tyres do stay in contact with the road, braking distances will increase when the surface is wet.


Time spent on preparation never goes astray. Ensuring that the RV is waterproof should have a high priority. An RV that keeps out the water when standing still, may well let rain in when it is assisted by high wind pressure while out on the road.

The average caravan, camper trailer or motorhome should not be considered as being suitable for travel along flooded roads or through creekbeds when the water level has risen. A few manufacturers make special off-road units that have features like increased ground clearance that are designed to cope with these conditions. In some cases modifications may be able to be carried out on existing touring caravans but advise from experts is needed.

When having your RV serviced it is a good idea to tell the business owner where you intend to go and asking if any items need special attention. Checking the condition of sealants on older caravans is highly recommended.


  • Preparation is the key
  • Ensure RV is waterproofed
  • Don’t drive average caravan, camper trailers or motorhomes along flooded roads or creek beds
  • Modifications to existing caravans needs to be done by a professional
  • When getting RV service inform mechanic where you are travelling and if any areas need special attention.


Never leave home without first checking the road or likely weather conditions, particularly if venturing in to unfamiliar territory. During the ‘wet’ season and when rain is likely to fall, a dry road or track can become treacherous very quickly. Where possible consult locals or check with someone who has travelled in the opposite direction.


    • Know the roads you will be travelling on
    • Speak to a local about conditions


In regard to safety, by far the most important components are the tyres. Contrary to popular belief, the tyre tread does not provide grip or traction – not unless you are driving a tractor that is. The sole purpose of the tyre tread is to remove water from the road so that the tyre itself has contact with the road surface. So the greater the depth of tread, the more water can be removed.

Tyre experts suggest that there should be a minimum of 1.5mm of tread depth. Many tyres have tread depth indicator bars that show up once the tyre reaching its minimum depth. Ask a tyre specialist to point these out to you.

Correct inflation pressures are also important. The car’s tyre placard will show the recommended tyre pressures for maximum load conditions. Accurate tyre pressures for the caravan or trailer can only be determined after weighing the unit. A tyre dealer should be able to assist in determining the most suitable pressures for the load carried. It is not necessary to deflate tyres just because the road is wet.


  • Check suitable tread
  • Check correct tyre pressure. Tyre dealer is your best help here.


When it is raining or there is a likelihood of water over the road, travelling slower is a must. Slower driving reduces the chance of aquaplaning and makes it easier to maintain control. While driving with the headlights on is recommended, make sure that the headlights are switched to low beam.

Avoid sudden braking or change of direction. All actions should be gradual and smooth. While engine power is being applied it is easier to maintain control over the car/trailer combination. On slippery surfaces, applying the brakes can cause loss of control. Never brake while negotiating a corner or turn.

Any puddles should be considered as potential danger. Where possible drive around these or straddle them. You never know how deep the hole might be. When it comes to creek crossings or deep floodways, always stop and check out the depth. Sometimes there are roadside depth markers. Alternatively wait for another vehicle to go through so as to establish the depth. If in doubt as to whether to proceed, walk through the crossing to check the depth and look for snags or areas that may be washed away. Do not drive through if there is strong water flow.


  • When water on the road, travelling slower is a must
  • Drive with headlights on, but switch to low beam.
  • Avoid sudden breaking or change of direction.
  • Never break when negotiating a turn or a corner
  • Avoid puddles, they may be worse than they look.
  • If water flow is strong do not drive or walk through water.


As explained in the previous article on off-road driving, a UHF radio is high recommended. The story can be found under the heading ‘Off The Beaten Track’

Fit new windscreen wiper blades

If windows fog up switch on the air conditioner and heater to remove moisture from interior.

Don’t venture along roads or tracks that are “Closed”

If venturing onto unsealed roads carry adequate provisions in case the road becomes impassable and you need to wait for dryer conditions.

If unsure whether a road or track is passable check with local authorities or a motorist coming in the opposite direction.

More information can be obtained from State motoring organisations, Transport Departments, local police stations and tourist information offices.

Consign It


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Here at Caravan World, we are delighted to work in collaboration with Consign-It. Consign-It is a business that buys and sells caravans on behalf of customers.

Selling a caravan can be a daunting and overwhelming process. From cleaning to advertising, from arranging gas and roadworthy certificates, to waiting by the phone and dealing with scammers and less than serious potential buyers, you can waste a lot of time and energy, as well as money, getting your caravan sold. You may not know its actual value and what you can realistically sell it for.

Why Sell your Caravan on Consignment

Selling on consignment is possibly the simplest way to sell your caravan. By doing so, you enjoy peace of mind as this method removes the risk and hassles that may otherwise come with selling privately. There is no need for you to worry about advertising, having strangers come to your property to see the caravan, or having to deal with potentially untrustworthy people or scammers. We do all the hard work for you with integrity and honesty.

When you sell on consignment, you can expect the following:

  • Your caravan showcased on display
  • Advertising on the internet
  • Listing on local caravan sales listings
  • Management of the entire sales process
  • Comprehensive handover
  • Prompt disbursement of funds following the successful sale

Why Sell with Consign-It at Caravan World?

  • Professional sales team
  • Yard presentation
  • Optimal highway, advertising and web exposure of your van
  • Secure premises
  • Extensive customer base
  • Roadworthy certificate
  • 40 point workshop check
  • Gas certificate
  • Finance available
  • Extensive, unparalleled handover and hitch-up to buyer
  • Agreed price guarantee
  • Peace of mind

Selling a Caravan with Consign-It

At Consign-It, you benefit not only from their experience but also their security. This includes fully fenced, secure premises featuring CCTV monitoring for ultimate safety. Located on the Bruce Highway at Caravan World, we have premium road frontage and a very experienced and passionate sales team who are ready to showcase your caravan to the right prospective buyers.

Selling a caravan with Consign-It is easy. You simply need to get in touch with us at Caravan World and we can point you in the right direction. We will require the details of the Driver’s License of the registered caravan owner, a copy of the Registration for the caravan, and you’ll need to sign a three-month sale agreement with Consign-It. We’ll also need your bank details to transfer the funds from the sale of your caravan to you once it has been completed.

Visit us at Caravan World!

Caravan World is one of Queensland’s oldest established professional Caravan Dealerships. We pride ourselves on our reliability and integrity and offering a great diverse range, always delivered with unparalleled service, great prices and professional advice. We are renowned throughout southeast Queensland and beyond for our extensive, in-depth “handover” process, which covers everything from hitching up to setting up your van on site – meaning you can enjoy exploring with your new caravan with confidence in no time.

Come and visit our yard at 7071 Bruce Highway, Chevallum, QLD to view our current stock and to discuss all of your travel needs and queries. Alternatively, give us a call at Caravan World today on 07 5445 2215.

Credit One RV Finance

Top 5 Tips On Finance

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If you have been thinking about purchasing and financing a Caravan or camper trailer you will find that there is a myriad of different financing options out there, from bank to finance broker, it can be hard to know where to go to secure the best overall deal.

Our top five tips on securing the best deal on your Caravan, Camper Trailer or Motor Home:-

  1.  Head before heart

While it may be tempting to go above your limit to purchase your absolute dream caravan or camper with all of the bells and whistles, be careful not to exceed your budget.  You want to ensure you can comfortably afford the repayments and not end up over your head.

It’s can easily get swept up in the heat of the moment at a caravan show and sign on the dotted line for something that’s a little out of your reach.  We suggest that you try Credit One’s free online caravan finance calculator to help you determine your maximum borrowing limit, using a pre-determined weekly or monthly payment amount.  This way you know what your budget is.

You should also allow for any unexpected expenses such as registration fees each year, insurance, servicing, tyres and general wear and tear on any appliances. 

  1. Term and Interest rate

Finance brokers should take into consideration your pre-determined budget, give you a hand to calculate living expenses and compare all available options.

Our Finance Brokers will take into consideration the loan term, interest rate and any early termination or other fees and advice options on the best available overall terms – not just a good looking payment amount. Our Finance Brokers’ loan terms can be tailored from 2 years with no penalty for early repayment and to up to 7 years.  

  1. Home Loan versus Secured Caravan or Personal Loan

Whilst adding a caravan purchase to your home loan might seem like a good idea, it can add years to the loan term and mean that you will pay loads more interest than if you had secured a low rate caravan loan secured only against the van.  In fact, interest rates on caravan loans are at an almost all-time low and are only a little above that of even the best rate home loan.  

The advantage of securing only the caravan is that the loan generally will run for a pre-determined term rather than being ‘tacked’ onto your Home Loan that could effectively extend your Home Loan for another 10 years or longer. 

Talk to your broker to calculate the differences and the potential long term savings of a stand-alone secured caravan loan. 

  1. Bank or Broker? 

In recent years more and more astute caravan buyers have turned to brokers to compare all of their options for arranging the finance to purchase their dream caravan, camper trailer or motor home.

Whilst most banks can only offer you their own product, a specialist caravan finance broker can compare options from over 34 of Australia’s leading financial institutions.  Our Finance Brokers compare offers from all of the leading banks and finance companies and can tailor repayment options to your individual circumstances and have the banks competing for your business. 

Our Finance Brokers can also arrange no obligation, free pre approval before you shop – giving you the confidence to negotiate with a private seller or dealer knowing that you have a pre-approved limit.

  1. Enjoy your purchase! 

We know this isn’t technically a tip! –  but as you’ve probably spent months researching the caravan market already, comparing makes and models and attending the many caravan shows in your local area.  Now’s your time to sit back and relax knowing that your finance broker has compared all leading options on your behalf and found a loan that suits your needs and budget.  

Credit One is a leading broker and one that Caravan World recommends to our customers. Why not talk to a specialist Caravan finance broker about exploring all of your options.  Call them today on 1300 Credit ( 1300 273348) or Visit them online at

Trackvan® XT 19 - Caravan World

The new and exciting Trackvan® XT by Eden Caravans

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Queenslanders love hitting the road to explore our beautiful country, and the latest caravan technology is revolutionising how we travel with caravans and motor homes both on and off-road. And the Trackvan® XT by Eden Caravans is a great example of this.

Traditionally, the caravan and motor home industry have very successfully relied on timber to frame up caravans however this did have implications for “timber rot” over time. Timber rot, otherwise known as dry rot, affects timber particularly in damp areas and bushland settings and results in the timber becoming spongy and soft. This has the potential to reduce the structural integrity of the van frame and in time, compromise your van in performance, safety, and value.

Newer van designs are seeing new innovations, with the next generation of vans using metal aluminium systems to provide strength and to eliminate the potential issues of timber rot that timber frames carry.

Here we introduce the Trackvan® XT by Eden Caravans, brand new at Caravan World in Chevallum, Qld.

What Makes the Trackvan® XT by Eden Caravans Different?

The Trackvan® XT by Eden Caravans is a new release to the 2019 Trackvan range. This outstanding range of vans comprises a new, stylish design which combines aluminium frames with composite “sandwich” sections for an unparalleled end result – offering the best of both worlds between strength and luxury. The new release Trackvan XT is providing buyers with a well-appointed aluminium constructed caravan that is lightweight and durable yet costs under $100,000.

Another point of difference with the Trackvan® XT by Eden Caravans is its comprehensive and extensive standard inclusions which other manufacturers consider to be extras. From premium LED downlights to a smoke detector; from a fold-down picnic table to a toolbox with jerry can holders; from black reading lights over the bed to a top load washing machine – there’s nothing that has not been considered for your comfort and safety.

Suitable for on-road and semi-off-road travel, the Trackvan® XT by Eden Caravans offers high-end luxurious fit outs with impressive structural attributes – you know that when you purchase from this range, you’re getting the very best van product available in Australia right now. The finished product is a result of many decades of combined expertise and technological advances, resulting in a beautiful and functional van.

The XT Series offers options from the single axle 17 ft Compact Van to the very spacious 22ft Family Van.

Regardless of whether you need to keep warm with a diesel heater, or you wish to go off-road safely knowing your caravan is using the most tested coil suspension on the market, Eden Caravans delivers with the Trackvan® XT – and your focus can remain on your total enjoyment of life travelling on the open road.

Come and See Us at Caravan World!

Caravan World is a well-established, top-rated Caravan Dealership on the Sunshine Coast. We are among the oldest established caravan dealerships in Queensland and as such are industry leaders when it comes to innovation. Our experienced sales staff are experts in our industry and we have the passion and experience to give you the right advice.

Come and visit us at our yard at 7071 Bruce Highway, Chevallum, QLD to discover the new release Trackvan® XT by Eden Caravans. You can also view all our current new and used stock and discuss your travel requirements and needs with our friendly staff. Alternatively, give us a call today on 07 5445 2215. We’ll be delighted to hear from you.

Caravan World Sunshine Coast

Caravan World @ Moreton Bay Show!

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WE ARE EXHIBITING at the 2019 Moreton Bay Caravan, Camping, Boating and 4×4 Expo and would like to invite you to visit us on our stand to see our latest range of products and services!

Friday 8:30am – 4:00pm
Saturday 8:30am – 5:00pm
& Sunday: 8:30am – 4:00pm

Adults $12, Seniors Card $10 and Children 16 and under are free with an adult. For conditions of entry, visit the event website or see more information on the Facebook event.

Our Sites are:

  • OS371
  • OS386

The 2019 Moreton Bay Expo is one of the largest outdoor adventure events in the state, featuring over 160 local and national companies, all in the one convenient location. Discover and compare the latest caravans, motorhomes, camper trailers, 4×4’s, boats and more.

Talk to industry experts, shop and save on the latest gadgets, tools, camping and fishing gear, insurance, 12 volt and vehicle accessories, holiday and tourism information, and more.

The whole family will enjoy the All4FMX motorbike stunt riders, the adults can pick up some new camp oven cooking tips and tricks while the kids burn off their energy on the free jumping castles and rides.

We look forward to seeing you at the 2019 Moreton Bay Caravan, Camping, Boating and 4×4 Expo, 15-17 February, Redcliffe Showgrounds!

Towing a Caravan - Caravan World

The Do’s and Dont’s Of Towing

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Travelling with a caravan, camper trailer, or motor home in Australia is a way of life for many families, young couples, and seniors, and there’s nothing quite like it. You can go where you want with your home-away-from-home, enjoying the convenience of having what you need wherever you are, even when you’re off the beaten track. But there are certain things to consider, and one of these is towing.


Take a Towing Course – it can make things much clearer, and it’s a great idea for both members of the travelling couple to know the basics, in case of an emergency situation. Towing courses can guide you on the basics of reversing, hitching, safety, maintenance, and pre- and post-trip inspections. There are towing courses available locally – ask us at Caravan World to learn more.

Refer to your State-issued Road Code or Road User’s Handbook. This will advise you of the rules in the state you’re planning to visit on your travels. It is your responsibility to be apprised of the current regulations and standards so that you are compliant with the rules of the state in which you are driving.

Use your Mirrors – even with rear-cameras, you need to use your mirrors – concave spotter mirrors can be very helpful.

Practice! You need to practice hitching and unhitching your towed vehicle or trailer. You also need to practice reversing and backing your vehicle. Practice in a deserted shopping centre car park after hours.


Exceed the weight limit for your caravan, camper trailer or motor home. Your owner handbook will state the maximum weight limit for your vehicle – if you can’t clearly find this, get in touch with us or the manufacturer for advice. You need to match your vehicle with the weight you’ll be towing (including your load) and make sure your weight distribution is even.

Buy low-quality or non-genuine tow bars or hitches. Choose an authentic dealer like Caravan World.

Tow a caravan without electric brakes – for all caravans, electric brakes are a legal requirement for the towing vehicle. See us if you are unsure about whether your vehicle is compliant; we can arrange them for you.

Worry! Practice makes perfect and if you’re well-prepared, you’ll be fine. You’ll become more comfortable with towing in no time.

Additionally, you’ll need to:

  • Check your brakes before leaving home or the Park
  • Check your speed
  • Check equipment prior to towing including tow bars and wiring
  • Drive to the road conditions
  • Check that the safety chain is attached
  • Allow Longer distances for overtaking, merging, and braking
  • Avoid sudden direction or lane changes
  • Look further ahead than you do when not towing so as to anticipate traffic changes
  • Travel downhill in a lower gear
  • Take corners more widely than normal – vans have a tendency to cut-in on curves and corners

Why Choose Caravan World?

Caravan World is a 43 year running company and is amongst Queensland’s oldest established Caravan Dealerships in Australia. We are very proud to offer a diverse range of new and used RV’s to suit your budget and travelling style, and we pride ourselves on unparalleled service and advice. We are known for our extensive handover process, which covers everything from hitching to setting up your van on site. This means that you can enjoy travelling with your caravan or motor home with confidence, even if you’re towing an extra load!

Our experienced sales staff can assist you with what tow weights apply for various vehicle models and types. We can help you with brakes and hitching here at our premises, and we can organise everything for you from Electric Brakes (including Hayman Reece and Red Arc) as well as Anderson Plugs, plug changes, and Fridge Wires.

We give all of our customers a copy of The National Recreational Vehicle Towing Guide – this is a valuable reference tool and it has all relevant information.

Explore Australia and open up your world on the wide open road with Caravan World, where you’ll find the best range of Caravans at great prices. Come and visit our yard at 7071 Bruce Highway, Chevallum, QLD (Take Exit 200 Northbound lane) to view our current stock, or give us a call today on (07) 5445 2215. We look forward to welcoming you and getting you on the road soon!

Caravan Cameras - Caravan World

The Best Caravan Cameras For Your Van And Your Car

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Only a decade ago, the idea of a reversing camera in your vehicle was the stuff of fantasy. But today, reversing cameras in cars are standard in many new vehicles, and available as optional extras in many others. The trend for installing reversing caravan cameras is taking off now too.

Caravan Cameras

Aftermarket reversing cameras are a great investment for your caravan. More effective than simply using towing mirrors, they help to eliminate blind spots for safer vehicle reversing and manoeuvring. They can also help identify and alert you to obstacles in your path. Caravan cameras are not currently standard on caravans when they are sold, so fitting an aftermarket caravan reversing camera is usually the best option.

Additionally, caravan cameras enhance the driver’s viewpoint while driving in heavy traffic and when changing lanes. It means a higher level of safety for everyone on the road.

A caravan camera may be wired or wireless. It is mounted on the rear of the caravan, while the receiver in the car is placed so the driver can see the view captured by the camera.

Installation of a caravan camera can be complicated and it requires a lot of work. As such, you want to choose the right one for your vehicle, your van, and your needs from the outset.

What are some of the features of the best caravan cameras?

  • All-in-one kit: camera, dash-/windscreen-mounted LCD monitor, cabling, connectors, mounting equipment, and instruction manual.
  • Option between square or round unit. Round units may be more aesthetically-pleasing, whereas square units may offer better lighting results.
  • Durability – it must be dust-proof and waterproof. This also needs to incorporate the cable connectors and the mounting point.
  • Dust cap for when the caravan is unhitched.
  • Sun shield for good vision in daylight
  • Good night vision
  • Ability to simulate a rear-view mirror
  • CCD (Charged coupled device) provides a better image
  • Easily removable for safe storage and security
  • The camera has ample cabling
  • Forward-motion capability to monitor traffic while you are driving (e.g. merging traffic)
  • Audio facility
  • Automatic towing-system integration

Chipatronic Caravan Cameras at Caravan World

Caravan World is a proud supplier and specialist distributor of Chipatronic Vehicle Cameras. Cameras for use in cars and on caravans are widely used to enhance the driver’s vision by providing a view of areas obscured from normal view.

Some of these cameras are installed in cars for reversing, while others like caravan cameras are installed on the caravan to provide a view otherwise not available to the driver. Chipatronic cameras are designed to suit most applications, and there are no better caravan cameras on the market.

It is highly recommended that you don’t attempt to install an in-car reversing camera or a caravan camera yourself; instead, allow the experts at Caravan World to properly handle this so your camera is installed optimally and your vehicle’s electrical system is not compromised.

Visit Caravan World

Discover the delight to be found in exploring Australia with Caravan World. We are one of the oldest established caravan dealerships in Queensland, and we have the expertise to provide great service, in-depth knowledge and advice, and the best range of products at great prices. Give us a call today on (07) 5445 2215 or come and visit our showroom at 7071 Bruce Highway, Chevallum, QLD to view our current stock. With Caravan World, you’ll be all set to hit the road safely with your van before you know it!

Caravan World Sunshine Coast

Hitting The Road: Caravan Essentials Before You Go

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Are you looking for some timely road trip tips for the summer holidays?

Caravanning is incredibly popular in Australia, and there are more than half a million of them registered within Australia. A caravan is a perfect home away from home, whether you’re exploring our wide brown land or simply heading up or down the coast an hour or two for a beach getaway. With self-contained accommodation and you can tow and then leave secured for day trips, a caravan offers you freedom as well as the delights to be found when you discover new places.

Every different type of holiday you embark on needs some planning, and the planning required when towing a caravan differs from and is expanded compared with other trips. There are technicalities to be aware of and to master, and things you must prepare a day or two before you leave.

So without further ado, here are some essential road trip tips for going on holidays with a caravan…

There are some things you need to do well in advance:

  • Know Your Weight: Is your car/caravan combination legal and within regulations? Not all vehicles can tow a caravan safely or effectively. You need to be apprised of factors including tare weight (weight of the empty caravan) and payload (van’s maximum cargo capacity). There are factors to consider including tow ball load, the towing capacity of your vehicle, and more.
  • Service your Vehicle: is your vehicle servicing up to date? This is crucial for a safe and drama-free trip.

What to do 24-48 Hours before a Road Trip

  • A Checklist is your Best Friend: there’s a lot on your mind when you are packing for and preparing for any holiday. This is more complicated when you are taking a caravan. Make a comprehensive checklist – and use it! Everything from shopping lists to packing lists and vehicle and van checks should be on your list – as well as arrangements for pets etc.
  • Hitch your Caravan and Check It: safety and security are key – for your van and for your towing vehicle. Is the towing aid fitted and secure? Are all the lights working properly? Are the jockey wheel and the wheel chocks removed/secured? Are all your tyres inflated optimally? Have you performed safety checks prior to towing?\Prepare for Pest Control: check the entire van set up for spider webs and eggs, ant or insect infestations, and evidence of possums, reptiles, and other critters. Pack Aerogard, Ant Rid, and Bug/Spider spray.
  • Clean the Fridge: remove mould, mildew, and give it a good clean so it’s fresh. Use a couple of frozen ice bricks until it cools down to optimal temperature while you’re travelling. Make sure fridge doors remain closed during travel and strap the door if necessary. Ensure in the 24-48 hours before the fridge must be turned on as it takes 24 hours to get cold enough to use.
  • Accommodate Fresh Water: flush your water tank and refill it with fresh water. Use water purifying tablets or a filter. Carry four litres of drinking water at a minimum.
  • Check Storage Items: remove any out of date items and check cupboards, doors, tables, chairs, awnings, etc. Pack WD-40!
  • Have a Set-Up Routine and Remember – Teamwork is Key! This is where practice makes perfect. Set up and pack up your van at home a few times before you are doing it for real. Practice parking the van. Every time you pack up, do it properly and turn off the gas and remove waste.
  • Be Prepared: you can’t drive as fast when you are towing a caravan. Plan to leave early, be prepared to take your time, know the expected weather conditions on the road ahead, and adjust your driving. Be courteous to other road users!

If you need advice, ask the experts! Caravan World’s friendly team of experts will be delighted to answer your questions and to provide guidance and advice with road trip tips before you travel.

Get Set with Caravan World

Here at Caravan World, we have all your caravan needs covered. With many years of experience and practical know-how, we provide a fantastic range of products with great service, in-depth knowledge, and helpful advice from our own caravan experiences. Call our office today on (07) 5445 2215 or, better yet, come and visit our showroom at 7071 Bruce Highway, Chevallum, QLD to view our current stock. You’ll be very glad you did!

Holiday Getaways - Caravan World

Holiday Getaways

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Christmas is coming up very quickly and this means it’s the season for holidays, from school holiday getaways to time away to visit family and enjoy the summer sun. Among the quintessential Australian getaways are the road trip and the camping trip – and with a caravan, your home away from home travels with you.

Travelling with a caravan opens up a whole new world of options for places you can visit, and it’s a more comfortable, more stylish way to vacation than by simply pitching a tent. Whether you’re taking a school holidays getaway with the family or you are seniors taking a longer trip, caravanning is the way to go.

There are myriad benefits of owning a caravan, including but not limited to:

  • Flexibility of travel
  • Great amenities in your van
  • Access to great onsite facilities in the caravan park
  • The option to own an off-road caravan for remote trips
  • Owner benefits offered by some caravan parks
  • Your literal home away from home

School Holiday Getaways

If you’re travelling with the family for the school holidays, taking a road trip with a caravan is a great way to go. While the initial cost of a caravan is significant, it will pay for itself over time – saving you a lot of money in accommodation, eliminating travel costs such as flights, and making your trip more self-sufficient regarding meals, etc. All of these costs add up, especially when you’re travelling with kids. It’s also incredibly convenient – you can take all the essentials with you and no longer need to worry about packing your car to the rafters with luggage. It’s a more comfortable way to travel.

Caravan Getaways

There are so many places to go with a caravan, and you can literally travel all around Australia if you have the time and inclination! While beach destinations are most popular during the summer months, there are many other caravan getaways to consider. Some of the best summer caravan locations in Australia include:

  • Trial Bay Gaol, situated halfway between Brisbane and Sydney
  • Hervey Bay, QLD
  • Rainbow Beach, QLD
  • Broken River, Eungella NP, QLD
  • Shark Bay and Monkey Mia, WA
  • Francois Peron NP, WA
  • The Snowy Mountains, NSW
  • Byron Bay, NSW
  • Kangaroo Island, SA
  • The Great Ocean Road, Apollo Bay and Lorne, VIC
  • The Devil’s Marbles, NT

Planning a Caravanning Holiday – Tips

If you’re planning a caravan holiday, you need to first and foremost plan ahead. During summer, in particular, you’ll need to book your spot well in advance in a caravan park or campground.

  • Holiday parks are a great option, especially if you’re travelling with kids, as they offer a range of amenities and activity options.
  • Specify if you wish to book a powered campsite for your caravan.
  • Make a comprehensive checklist of everything you need to take. Be sure to include items such as a fire extinguisher, first ais kit, wheel chocks, towing mirrors, insulation tape, and caravan jack. There are comprehensive lists available online as a guide.
  • Have your van checked for safety.
  • Have your car serviced before you travel.
  • If this is the first time you’re travelling with a caravan, ensure that you understand how to drive safely while towing a van. Make sure your car is strong enough to tow the caravan’s weight.
  • Take it easy – you won’t be able to travel at high speed and attempting to do so is not only unsafe, it greatly increases fuel consumption.
  • Be courteous to other road users and other vacationers.
  • Get an early start.
  • Have a setup and take-down routine. Practice at home before you go on holiday!

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